April 25, “How Can I Reconcile Money With Spirituality?”

Thought for today:

We come to DA hoping for a quick solution to our debt problem.  It is often a last resort that we get here, after researching credit counseling, going to therapy, and awkward loans from family.

At meetings, we may hear a prayer and we are encouraged to develop a relationship with a “Higher Power”.  But for some of us, the idea of a Higher Power is intolerably difficult – loaded with controversy, superstition and denial of reality.  Where can you go from that point?

Consider that there are many kinds of faith which anyone can wrap their heads around.  For example, by merely attending meetings we demonstrate faith inhere is a solution to our problems.  We’ve seen others get through their addiction to debt, and we hope for the same result.

Faith fills the void left in us where debting used to live.   How it works is beyond understanding, but that it works is not.

Taking the leap of faith can lay the groundwork for trust to develop.


Am I willing to have an open mind regarding faith?

Meditation for today:

Think of your Higher power as a great interpreter, bringing you to understanding.  Don’t force faith.  Be open to the idea of it.  Eventually, a real sense of relief will prove itself valuable in your life. You will see that “God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves”.

Affirmation for today:

“I trust that my Higher Power has a wonderful reward for me.  All I have to do is have faith, and mountains can be moved.”

Prayer for today:

“I pray that I find moments where my faith, however small, grows in the sunlight of the Spirit, and blossoms into mature understanding of my best self.”

Follow Through:

How to Recover in Debtors Anonymous (Whether You’re in that Program or Not): A Primer

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