“How Important Is it?” – Keeping Perspective In Worrisome Times

Thought for today:

Everyone worries at times, but for many of us who lived through extreme debting, under earning and overspending, worry became a way of life.

That low-grade anxiety seemed as if it would never leave. In the fog of worry we bounced checks, and forgot account balances.

Obsessing over our debt, we lost perspective, and overreacted to normal problems.  A traffic jam became horrific because we were late to a job.

We became exhausted, working two or three jobs to pay off our debts.  Arguing with creditors became more important than reading bedtime stories to children or going on a date. No wonder we were miserable.

Then DA asked: “How important is it?”

Truth? Most of what we worry about never happens. And we waste a lot of time on meaningless worry. When we focused on the slogans “First Things First,” and “Easy Does It” we found we could often minimize stress.

Meetings helped us get perspective, too. Using the telephone, meditating, writing inspirational messages to others – all these helped us live in “this moment”, the only moment we truly have, and worry began to fade.

Do I let DA help me with my perspective?

Meditation for today:
It is said that “Life is lived forward but understood backward”. If we think back on the rough patches, it was our faithfulness that got us through. Now, when we focus in faith, we can affirm that this moment is ok just the way it is. We can build another bridge instead of fretting that we will fall.

Affirmation for today:
This moment is ok just the way it is. I can find many moments to be at peace with myself. I am rejuvenated by these moments, and arise refreshed and reinvigorated.

Prayer for today:
I pray for the presence of mind to stop and trust in faith that the day is unfolding in the best way possible for me.

Recommended Reading:

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