February 17, How Sponsorship Works

Thought for today:

“When I first came into DA I felt so overwhelmed and alone,” one member shared. “It was like living in a dark cave with no idea how to get out.

“When I found a sponsor it was like they helped me find the passage way back to life. I really started to get what this was all about.

“My sponsor gently helped me through the steps, and today we are best friends, helping each other.”

Having a sponsor and being a sponsor really brings the program home. Sometimes you just have to speak with someone who has been there, one-on-one. Reasoning things out with someone else, we come away with a clearer perspective on our lives and our recovery.

Am I helping someone into the light today? Am I being the sponsor I would want to have?

Meditation for today:

Friends help each other discover the best parts of themselves. Sponsors use the twelve steps of DA in this discovery. When we help each other, God is in our midst. Such a caring friendship of comrades in recovery is the opposite of isolation.

Affirmation for today:

Sponsorship frees me to share my darkest secrets, unafraid, because they’ve been in the same dark place. Together we (mercifully) find our way into the light. I would not trade my darkest day in recovery for my best day in my disease.

Prayer for today:

I pray I can humble myself to use my sponsor and be a sponsor. I pray for the friendship that helps me through tough times and helps me enjoy the abundance I know is out there for me.

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