March 22, How To Use Your “Inner Adult” To Work With Your “Inner Child”

Thought for today:

“My sponsor used to always say ‘feelings aren’t facts’.  What he meant by that I can work with, and honor my feelings, but they don’t have to control my life.

“Feelings come from deep inside  my ‘inner child’, and if my feelings are hurt, it’s  my job to be ‘grownup’ and deal with them.

“I need to use the Twelve Steps to help my see my character flaws, identify my selfishness and childishness, pray, and listen for my Higher Power’s grace.  Sometimes I need to have an honest conversation with someone else, without blame, too.

“I can even use the energy from feelings of anger in constructive ways like renewed energy in work or sports.  if I stay creative I find many ways to manage my feelings, honor them, and channel then.

“As long as I use my feelings and inner child toward positive objectives, and self-discovery, things tend to work out well.  But to do that I need to first rely on the Steps and my ‘inner adult’ to look at things rationally.”

Who’s to say my feelings have to run my life?

Meditation for today:

Practice listening to your inner child.  On a piece of paper, write the affirmation: “I am a wealthy person with plenty of time, money, and love”.  On the next line, write the comment from your inner child, whatever feeling comes up at that moment.

Often our “child” will not comply, and will say something rude like “yeah, right”.  Don’t let that dissuade you!  Just write the words “thank you”, and repeat the process.

Continue writing your affirmation, feelings, and “thank you” several times.  Eventually you will see changes in what your child says, and they may begin to agree with you.

In this way your inner child speaks to you, you honor that speech, and you respond as any nurturing adult would.(1)

Affirmations for today:

I am a wealthy person.

I earn plenty of money.

I have everything I need to handle all of life’s situations.

I am a lucky, grateful person.

Prayer for today:

I pray I always accept my feelings as they are, listening and cooperating with my inner child. I pray that I compromise with my inner child, so that we are in harmony.

Inspirational Reading:

(1) How to Get Out of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously*: Based on the Proven Principles and Techniques of Debtors Anonymous is a simple, proven-effective formula for freeing yourself from debt—and staying that way.  Some of the concepts you will find are:

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