Transforming Our Creativity into Prosperity,

A man shared one day about getting on the phone with a bank at one particularly low point in his debting history and impersonating his wife’s voice so he could open yet another credit card to take advantage of a temporary 0% offer. In a high-pitched voice he gave them all her personal information…

Years later in D.A. recovery, this man’s wife jokes that this particular card became what she called her “jail payment”  because she had gotten served a summons from the bank to appear in court for delinquent payments, and this was before she even knew the account existed!   In the end what was needed was communication with the creditor, which the husband had avoided.  It was easier for him to call the creditors to get the credit in the first place than it was for him to call them about the late notices he had been intercepting in the mail and make payment arrangements.

While this story might be considered alternately tragic and humorous (imagine the dubious agent on the other end of the phone, listening to his falsetto, or his wife’s anger at the discovery), there is a lesson buried in it.  Now in recovery a long time, the husband shared:

“We D.A.’s certainly are resourceful, aren’t we?  Most of us became very creative while in the throes of our debting disease.  I’d do almost anything for another “hit” of credit – my “imaginary prosperity” I call it.  I’d risk health insurance, job and family in destructive credit-chasing.  Now that I’m in recovery, I figured ‘why not use my creative powers as a force for good instead of evil!’?”

Creativity comes in many forms.  Some members are performing artists.  Others are internet entrepreneurs.  Some are consultants, others write or draw.  Others are tradespeople or builders.  We have unlimited possibilities for bringing inspiration into our work lives.

In Debtors Anonymous we accept our creativity as a gift inspired by a Higher Power of our own conception.  We cultivate this gift by using visions and affirmations.   We learn that we can create something of value for the world, and benefit our own lives in the process.

Do I really believe what DA teaches, and honor my own unique gifts and experiences as something of real value?  Why would anyone choose to live with Impoverished thinking, when we can focus, in a small way, on creating something beautiful today?

Meditation for Today:

Many times throughout our day we are given inspiration. It is up to us to say thank you to our creative genius, to rely on our gifts as coming for our inner Higher Power.  We have the tools and the design.   Caught up in the creative spark, we may not see the miracle while it is crafted, but we are often astonished by what can be created through us by the time it’s over.  When we open ourselves as a channel, everyone wins.

Affirmation for Today:

I am a creative spirit, and I will honor my creative visions and dreams.  Today I will take one small action to build my life from the blueprint in my heart.

Prayer for Today:

My first creative act in D.A. was to open my mind to the possibility that there was a consciousness with a higher nature than the one I was living in.  I hope I don’t stop there, but that I rely on this “inner voice” to guide me each day, as an intimate friend, whispering truths.

Recommended Reading: 

” How to Get Out Of Debt, Stay Out of Debt, and Live Prosperously”, by Jerrold Mundis, is a comprehensive guide to getting “Back to the Black”, using the concepts of Debtors Anonymous.  Many have benefited from Jerrold’s thoughtful encouragement, especially in dealing with creditors, increasing income and reversing under earning.

(By clicking the link above you will be brought to, where you can buy this book.  Using the link in no way increases your costs..  Using the link helps us defray the costs of running this website, as Amazon gives us a commission.)