7 Benefits of “Restraint of Pen And Tongue” When Feeling Anger

Thought for today:

Anger is the “dubious luxury” of normal people.  Often anger can get out of proportion and lead us to overreact.

Whenever we get angry we have the Twelve Steps to guide us to safety.  We learn to process the root fear that torments us into lashing out.  We learn to refrain from causing further damage in rage, verbal abuse, sarcasm, or physical harm.  We learn to accept.

Benefits of self-restraint:

Here are seven  benefits for not reacting in anger.  See if you can add to the list.

  1. Not having to say your sorry to a loved one whom you hurt.
  2. Not upsetting a creditor who may be amenable to a later negotiation.
  3. Finding an inner truth that allows you to let go of something you were afraid of and feel better about yourself.
  4. Seeing your part in an issue and working on alternate behaviors in order to avoid painful situations next time.
  5. Giving the other person a second chance, where they might be willing to change.
  6. You get to keep your nice furniture.
  7. Getting to keep your friends and loved ones.

When I am under pressure and tempted to lash out, do I look to my spiritual program of recovery for answers?

Meditation for today:

What we receive from the stream of life is usually related to what we launch into it.

  • If we give mercy, they will find it.
  • If we give intolerance, we will find that.
  • Injustice is met with injustice.
  •  Love is met with love.
  • Generosity is met with even more generosity.

What we get is not always acquired directly.  We often receive indirectly, but it’s always overflowing in measure, outshining what was initially given.

Seek to give to others what you want for yourself, and you will receive the same back, abundantly.

Affirmations for today:

“With each merciful act I do in love, I am given the courage to face my fear.”

Follow Through:

Millions of readers have found peace of mind through the inspirational philosophy in this little pamphlet: Acceptance.  It is a classic comment on the perfect formula for contentment — the Serenity Prayer. Treat yourself to a copy, and give one to a friend in need of a little peace of mind.

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