February 3, Step Eleven: Maintaining Fit Spiritual Condition

Thought for today:

In recovery we need God-consciousness to stay with us throughout the day. Our Higher Power buoys us, where we would likely sink otherwise. As we work with step 11, “sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God this we understood Him,” we learn to still ourselves down, petition God, listen for guidance. Spiritual people can show us ways to praise God and express gratitude. We connect with our loving Higher Power, who indulges us with wisdom, serenity and understanding beyond what we could have experienced otherwise.

Have I opened the door to God’s power, asking God to enter my life?

Meditation for today:

Our spiritual walk is like a conversation with God.

Affirmation for today:

God’s still, quiet voice inside my heart fills me with insight and understanding.

Prayer for today:

Lord, make me an instrument of the peace.

Further Reading:

The book Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions is the definitive guide to all the Steps and Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.  It brings an in-depth understanding of why and how the program of recovery evolved, and how it works to this day, over sixty years after it was first published.

DA adapted the short form of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions almost word for word (with AA’s permission) and to this day DA recommends we read AA literature, (including the “Twelve and Twelve“) as a way for us to understand the disease concept.

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