Why Anonymity Works

Simple Is Beautiful

Thought for today: DA is better off when its members avoid publicly announcing their membership to the media. Members are better off, too, when they take part anonymously, instead of in the media spotlight. DA Tradition 12: Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities. A […]

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“Why Are DAs Anonymous At the Public Level?”

Our common welfare depends on DA unity

Thought for today: A newcomer to DA asks, “Why should we hide who we are to outsiders when it comes to our membership in DA?  Isn’t that dishonest?  What do we have to hide?” An old-timer in DA responds, “It’s not that we are hiding from anyone, although personal anonymity ensures that what we share at meetings […]

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Protecting DA From Us


Thought for today: We are not a secret society.  Through the Traditions of AA, we have found that people are better off not publicly proclaiming their affiliation with DA.  Not for our sake, but for DA’s sake, do we want to not align with a person’s opinions outside of DA, which will inevitably come to […]

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Why Is D.A. Anonymous?

Thought for today: Anonymity protects the fellowship.  We can feel safe knowing that what we say in a meeting stays at the meeting.  Debtors Anonymous‘ Tradition Twelve reinforces this idea by stating, “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” A member shares: “My financial and spiritual recovery in […]

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February 27, Why Anonymity Works (DA Tool Twelve)

Thought for today: “Why do we stay anonymous in DA? After all, doesn’t it make life easier if we shared publicly what our program offers? Why hide it? What is this – a ‘secret society’?” These questions are natural for anyone outside of the fellowship to ask, and need answering. Old timers to DA will […]

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Tradition Twelve – The Spiritual Foundation of Anonymity.

DA is better off when it’s members don’t identify themselves as members in the media. Members are better, off too, when they participate anonymously as far as the media is concerned. If one member went public with their membership and later became embroiled in a public financial conflict, it could reflect negatively on DA. But when we […]

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