3 Ways Step 10 Can Rescue Shopaholics

It's a hot ride - but will it make me feel loved?

Thought for today: REMINDER: No matter what the commercials may claim, buying a new car during the holidays does not equal love.  It’s transportation.  It’s style.  It might be sleek, fun to drive, great on gas or maybe even an electric car, but it is not love and it never will be love. Yet advertisers […]

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5 Tips To Avoid Shopping Addiction This Holiday Season, and “Save 100% By Not Buying Now!”

Simple Holidays

Thought for today: The media pressure to shop can be uncomfortable for compulsive shoppers new to DA.  When we open email this time of year, we might find hundreds of unsolicited “Black Friday Sale” emails.  Turning on the T.V., we may see dozens of commercials that seem to blend love and Santa Claus with 0% Down notices to […]

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The Biggest Sign Of Being a Compulsive Shopper, and a Surprising Antidote

Plenty of Time, Money, and Love

Thought for today: As holidays approach and family gift giving is on the agenda, we pause to think about compulsive shopping. DA Sign 4 of being a compulsive debtor: Compulsive shopping: Being unable to pass up a “good deal”; making impulsive purchases; leaving price tags on clothes so they can be returned; not using items you’ve […]

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Where Do You Stand With Debt?

Thought for today: When we can admit we have defects of character and we are not perfect, it is the beginning of wisdom.  We no longer exist in the center of the universe, and the burden of playing God is simpler to discard. We develop a sense of understanding about what motivated us to act selfishly.  The subtle influence of advertisements is plain to see. […]

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February 24, Am I Aware of My Self-talk, As It Relates to Tool Nine?

Thought for today: Some members shared about their new self-awareness about money: “When I was a young child in grade school, I used to sell candy to my friends. When the parents and principal found out, I was made to feel ashamed of my profit motive, and had to give back every dime, and I was out […]

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February 23, Why Does Awareness Matter? (Tool Nine)

Thought for today: If we are honest, we will recognize that however seductive advertisements can be – showing us illusions of driving off in luxury with the perfect mate by our side, for example – they don’t portray us months later, with late fees, repossession, rejection, and despair.  Such consequences are the likely result for us of vagueness. Vigilance and clarity are the […]

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