“3 Ways Step 10 Helps Our Solvency and Serenity”

Looking at ourselves

Thought for today: Step Ten is a simple tool to help us understand how we are doing, and to identify opportunities to improve our lives.  Our solvency and serenity improve as we make Step Ten a daily habit. DA Step 10: 10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. A member shares: “I […]

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7 Habits That Make Our Recovery Blossom


Thought for today: When we were still suffering the effects of active debting, under earning and overspending, we became desperate people.  Financial chaos had become familiar – even normal, with drama at every turn.  We wanted to hide and have someone take it all away. A member shares: “When I was a kid, I learned to behave.  I didn’t […]

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How Did You Do In the First Half of the Year?

Thought for today: Now that the first half of the year has come to a close, why not stop and contemplate how we’re doing with money, and adjust our Action Plans to better suit our goals? Just as a sail boat veers off course and the sailor adjusts the sails, so our money-course needs adjusting.  Everyone needs course-correction to get […]

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Ways to Change Course With Debtors Anonymous

Thought for today: Nobody handles life perfectly. Like a sailboat navigating the water, we all need to check and correct our course occasionally, relying on whatever guidance we have at hand.  Our guidance comes in the form of the faith, wisdom and experience of DA that helps guide our course of solvency and serenity. First, we don’t […]

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