How to Detach from Difficult Personalities

Letting Go

Thought for today: We need to detach emotionally from the “trolls” of business and of  life.  We stop engaging emotionally with chronic or mischievous complainers.  We lower our expectations for cooperation from them, which reduces conflicting emotions.  This allows us to focus instead on our customers and friends. BDA Tool #10: “We detach from difficult personalities and poor paying […]

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How To Handle Disruptions In Meetings

Our common welfare depends on DA unity

Thought for today: It’s easy to judge another person’s lack of commitment to recovery.  If we see them missing meetings or arriving late all the time, we may feel that their priorities are wrong.  When they complain about being unable to bring themselves to track their numbers, we may wonder what it will take for them to hit bottom. Sometimes […]

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Detaching From Difficult Personalities Leads to Peace

We can be ourselves, speak freely when we need, and enjoy life again.

Thought for today: Compulsive debtors usually take more than their share of abuse from others.  By the time they get to DA, they’ve felt humiliation and shame over someone else’s behavior. Many of us even go further into debt to appease an abusive family member.  We deny they are hurting us.  We want to believe […]

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Detaching From Financially Enabling Others

Thought for today: It’s tempting at times to take on the responsibilities of others in our lives, but it can cause stress in our lives in the process. If we live with someone who doesn’t help at home it can become a financial burden. If they spend compulsively, it can counteract all our good efforts at living within a Spending Plan. […]

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Principles Before Difficult Personalities

Thought for today: There is a famous saying that “No man is an island”.  In families, businesses and groups we are not alone. Some people seem to carry toxic feelings around with them all the time, and we feel powerless to deal with or help them.  “…They seem to have been born that way…. but many of them do recover […]

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Dealing With Difficult Personalities (BDA Tool 10)

Thought for today: Those of us who are self-employed are sometimes obsessed with problem customers.  We neglect preferable customers because we are fixing insignificant issues with the difficult ones. We need a healthy balance. BDA Tool 10 “We detach from difficult personalities and poor paying clients and put principles before personalities.” A member shares: “Letting go is hard for a […]

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March 20, Detaching From The Compulsion to Debt

Thought for today: A member shares: “How can I relax when I have so many problems? I have to be on high alert all the time!” How many of us are overworked, underpaid, anxious, irritable and discontented?  Rhetorical question, of course.  Too many! It’s a symptom of the disease of compulsive debting to never allow […]

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Bringing Balance to Relationships: “Detaching from Difficult Personalities”* and Still Letting People Know (Kindly) Where We Stand.

Clear communication is so important in effective relationship building.  Sometimes people need to know where we stand.  At other times, we need to let go of difficult personalities. Sometimes we need to detach emotionally with difficult situations.  Detaching from outcomes and lowering our expectations of others helps reduce our dependency on them.  On the other hand, […]

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