4 Ways “Acceptance” Helps You Solve Problems


Thought for today: Here is a quote from one of the many stories in the AA Big Book: “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems”.   Does that sound unbelievable? Think about it: When we accept a creditor’s need for regular on-time payments, we wind up communicating more effectively with them.  We feel better […]

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Where is My Higher Power In This?

Looking at ourselves

Thought for today: When it comes to the disease of compulsive debting, there are no “unique” stories.  The same “debt-a-log” gets told over and over in the rooms of DA; only the names and faces change. In this sense, the disease is boring; it always blinds us to light, leaving us to whither, get angry, lash out or nash in […]

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Preparing to Make Peace With Step 8

The world around us is full of wonder if we stop to see it.

Thought for today: We come to DA to find answers to our debts.  We look for a quick fix.   They tell us to keep track of our expenses and earnings.  Not the fix we were hoping for, but OK, we’ll go along with the idea, because we’ve exhausted the alternatives. We find that the answer […]

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3 Ways Step 10 Can Rescue Shopaholics

It's a hot ride - but will it make me feel loved?

Thought for today: REMINDER: No matter what the commercials may claim, buying a new car during the holidays does not equal love.  It’s transportation.  It’s style.  It might be sleek, fun to drive, great on gas or maybe even an electric car, but it is not love and it never will be love. Yet advertisers […]

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Grateful Gift-Giving

Holiday Flowers

Thought for today: Many of us celebrate holidays with gift-giving.  Some of us keeping giving beyond a healthy point and don’t know when to stop. Gift-giving should be a joyful thing, but we don’t want to over-do it, right?  How?  A member shares: “I used to give a lot to people during the holidays, to the […]

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Being In The “Healing Circuit of Love”

Thought for today: As we get better with our money in the fellowship, we get two precious commodities: solvency and serenity.  Peace of mind starts to come when we are free from incurring unsecured debt. After a while, we get to a point that we can  give back,  helping the newcomer.  Doing this completes the “healing circuit of […]

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March 16, What is Emotional Sobriety?

Thought fort today: A member shares about a transition into emotional growth: “I made emotional demands on everyone I knew without realizing it.  At work, at home,  and at social gatherings, my happiness depended on their actions. “I expected my kids to behave, my coworkers and employees to praise me, and everyone to be emotionally […]

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No Regrets

Thought for today: One member of DA reflects on their journey of self-discovery: “The best thing that ever happened to me was getting myself back through the 12 steps. Dishonesty, greed and fear ran my life.I panicked and ran into debt to avoid them. “Starting my spiritual awakening has really given me the greatest gift: […]

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Is it Time for a Courageous Conversation ™?

One member reflected on the one-month moratorium  he had arranged with his creditors, in writing, and the process of transforming these relationships: “During that first month in D.A. I detoxed from the negative effects of compulsive debt, overspending, and worry.  I needed the month to heal.  I had my hands full just not debting one day at […]

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