Letting Go Of Our Grown Children

"Today I will take one small step to get my life back."

Thought for today: Sometimes family members will not agree with our recovery philosophy and spending plans. They may seem to undermine our financial recovery, making demands or taking advantage of us. We feel anger and then pity when they wreck a car. They hurt themselves and those around them with their neglect or worse. We […]

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Why Debting, Underearning and Overspending Are Core Addictions

Letting Go

Thought for today: Compulsive debtors, in a desperate need to escape the grief of financial self-destruction,  have sometimes turned to drugs, alcohol, food, sex, gambling, or other compulsions.   When overspending and debting no longer work, when debating’s degrading aftereffects destroy all peace of mind, we sought escape. The outcome is never good.  We make matters worse.  We may become dually-addicted. […]

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