10 Affirmations To Attract Prosperity

Affirmations reach upward

Thought for today: We use affirmations in DA because they help stop the self-limiting messages some of us tell ourselves, and because they replace those messages with better ideas to improve our attitudes, energize our work, and attract wealth. A member shares: “When I use affirmations, I coax prosperity out of the future.  Affirmations help me visualize the future, […]

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21 Affirmations to Attract Prosperity, Happiness, and Healing in Step 11

As we affirm, we experience our Higher Power more deeply.

Thought for today: Affirmations help shape our consciousness.  In the Eleventh Step, we can use affirmations to reinforce where we want to be. A member shares: “When I use affirmations, I start to feel more relaxed and empowered.  Affirmations that speak to my heart seem inspired by my ‘Higher Power’, providing me clear guidance on the best place […]

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How the Moral Inventory in Step 4 Is a Bridge to Prosperity

Performing in the City

Thought for today: When we have worked through the process of finding a Higher Power of our understanding, we have made great progress.  With the help of this Power, we will find the strength to look inside ourselves. We will look closely at what motivates us, and be willing to work through any denial.  We become […]

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“How My Self-defeating Attitude From Childhood Toward Money Changed”

The planet Pluto, filmed in July, 2015 for the first time from 8,000 miles away.  

Photo from The White House.

Thought for today: Ideas have real power.  They can ‘put a man on the moon’, or propel a spaceship to Pluto, the farthest planet in our solar system. Some ideas can inspire great things, while others can rob us of opportunity and serenity. Sometimes we inherit ideas and attitudes from family or friends that are incongruous with prosperity.  Self-defeating […]

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April 3, How the Perfect Financial Storm Became the Perfect Blessing in this Man’s Life

Thought for today: Usually we get to DA because of a “perfect financial storm” – some situation that caused us tremendous suffering, degradation and fear. Going through the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Tools of DA, we come to a newfound freedom.  Old thinking is removed, and we become a new person.  That “perfect storm” […]

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March 5, How Gratitude Leads Us To DA Promise Four: Prosperity

Thought for today: A prosperous liger is available in DA when we work the DA Tools and DA Steps.  Prosperity takes work But most of us have gone through periods of feeling too overwhelmed by life to do the work we know we need to do.  How do we get back on track (or on […]

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How Affirmations Attract Prosperity.

We use affirmations in DA to stop the self-limiting messages we may be telling ourselves, and to replace them with ideas to improve our attitudes, energize our work, attract wealth – whatever helps us toward our goals .  Here are some wealth-attracting affirmations. They are purposely in the present tense to help energize us. Notice […]

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Transforming Our Creativity into Prosperity,

A man shared one day about getting on the phone with a bank at one particularly low point in his debting history and impersonating his wife’s voice so he could open yet another credit card to take advantage of a temporary 0% offer. In a high-pitched voice he gave them all her personal information… Years later […]

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