“3 Ways Step 10 Helps Our Solvency and Serenity”

Looking at ourselves

Thought for today: Step Ten is a simple tool to help us understand how we are doing, and to identify opportunities to improve our lives.  Our solvency and serenity improve as we make Step Ten a daily habit. DA Step 10: 10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it. A member shares: “I […]

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3 Ways Step 10 Can Rescue Shopaholics

It's a hot ride - but will it make me feel loved?

Thought for today: REMINDER: No matter what the commercials may claim, buying a new car during the holidays does not equal love.  It’s transportation.  It’s style.  It might be sleek, fun to drive, great on gas or maybe even an electric car, but it is not love and it never will be love. Yet advertisers […]

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Maintaining Solvency With Step 10

We express gratitude when we appreciate the beauty around us.

Thought for today: Step Ten is simple.  We’ve already done each piece of it in Steps 4-9.  And it helps keep us on track in maintaining our solvency. In the earlier Steps, we’ve taken a moral inventory, shared it with our Higher Power and another human being.  We’ve become entirely ready to remove our shortcomings, […]

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How to Stay in “Fit Spiritual Condition” and T.H.I.N.K.

Thought for today: Relationships are not like a cracked phone screen that we can bring to a kiosk in the mall to get fixed.  It takes time to process the feelings we have about the people in our lives. When life brings about extreme feelings and we want to retaliate, DA Step Ten helps.  We can check […]

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Inventories Help Us Improve

Thought for today: Performing an occasional inventory is important for any business.  Businesses take stock of items on hand.  Owners decide what is salable, what to mark down, and what to give away or discard. Inventories are systematic.  They are not haphazard.  They are thorough and fearless. A good inventory is more intellect than emotion. Business of all sizes perform […]

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February 2, Step Ten: Working Our “Daily Reprieve”

Step Ten, “Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it” helps keep us honest. In the steps before we honestly worked through our history in a process of “Awareness, Acceptance, Action”: – Awareness of our feelings; of our motives; of God’s will. (4 & 5) – Acceptance of who we […]

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