Ready For Freedom

The Highway

Thought for today If we go through the Twelve Steps, we will most likely find a spiritual awakening beyond our wildest dreams.  We will know “a new happiness and a new freedom”. This is not to say it will be easy to take the Steps.  Consider this one, which seems to ask an impossible lot […]

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Where is My Higher Power In This?

Looking at ourselves

Thought for today: When it comes to the disease of compulsive debting, there are no “unique” stories.  The same “debt-a-log” gets told over and over in the rooms of DA; only the names and faces change. In this sense, the disease is boring; it always blinds us to light, leaving us to whither, get angry, lash out or nash in […]

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Shedding The Attitudes That Hold Us Back Using Step 6

Affirmations reach upward

Thought for today: Taking a personal inventory isn’t for sissies.  The defects of character we uncover can bring feelings of shame, remorse, fear.  That’s why we took the Fifth Step with another human being who had been through the Steps and who knew what we were trying to carry out. Sharing our inventory with another person in the […]

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“Black Friday” Emotional Triggers To Spend


Thought for today: “Got to have it!  No way to be without it!  One day only!  Black Friday is here!  Don’t miss it!…” During the holiday season the media bombards us with ads to buy.  How can we resist?  There is a romance about spending – it is intoxicating! Think of the people we’d let down – the ones who count […]

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Step Six


Thought for today: Having gone through the first five Steps, Step Six makes it simple: If we want to recover from debt addiction, and have healing from the defects discovered in Step Five, we need to become willing to switch from our way of doing things to our Higher Power’s way.  With guidance from our Sponsors, and honest introspection, we […]

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Defects of Character

Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character

Thought for today: Having taken Step 5, we have shared a lot about ourselves with another member of the DA fellowship.  We have also learned a lot of truth about ourselves.  What next? Once again we turn to our Higher Power for help.  This time, we ask for relief from character defects standing in the way […]

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Getting a 10,000 Foot View of How We Fit In With The World


Thought for today: Taking a fearless moral inventory is essential to getting solvent.   It takes courage, but by the time we’re through processing it, we get a  “10,000 foot view” of how we fit in to the rest of the world. A member shares: “The members of my group told me that if I wanted to get past my […]

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“How Do I Live Without Debting?”

Thought for today: Living with the insanity of overspending, under earning, and taking on unsecured debt became a habit for most of us before we found the program of recovery.  We couldn’t imagine any other way except to debt.  It made sense to us. The pattern of debting became ingrained in us to a point where […]

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Am I Entirely Ready?

Thought for today: Some call step six “the desert”, and for good reason. The way can be blurred by pride and fear. What happens to us in a world without our favorite defects of character? What if I surrender everything to God – the good and the bad – to do with as He will? […]

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Where Is God? A Suggested Map To Finding Your Higher Power.

A friend calls out to us in anguish for help. Circumstances have brought him here in desperation. We listen attentively to the litany, fragments of a puzzle. Each block of the Mosaic. Page after page, he pours out grief over injustices, some imagined, some real. Finally, the exact nature of wrongs is acknowledged, and a […]

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