9 Ways to Unleash Our Spiritual Timing

Simple is beautiful

Thought for today: Time can be our friend.  It takes time to grow plants, people, relationships. Time can also be our enemy if we suffer from time clutter addiction.  The adrenaline rush of “busyaholism,” overdoing, perfectionism, over-achieving, and information overload. Clutterers Anonymous (CLA) has a pamphlet about Spiritual Timing to help. A personal share: “I discovered the CLA […]

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Making Time Work For Us

From the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

A member shares: “I don’t have enough time!  Every day slips by me.  Meetings, work, family activities, the list goes on.  When will I have time for me?” Thought for today: How often do we tell ourselves these kinds of messages?  Time debting can effect our solvency and our serenity without us even knowing. Since […]

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A Simple Technique to Stop Time-Debting

Thought for today: We talk about “time-wasting” like it’s a bad thing, but it’s not.  Sometimes, wasting time helps us break through a barrier. A member shares: “I am a workaholic.  I work all the time to pay bills and creditors.  Even when I am not on the job, I need to be productive.  I […]

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12 Benefits of De-Cluttering Our Time, Money and Love, and “Keeping It Simple”

Simple Is Beautiful

Thought for today: We find freedom when we “live within our means”, as the Third DA Promise recommends, “yet our means will not define us.”  DA experience proves that this is not only possible, but likely! But what does “living within our means” really mean?  And how can it benefit us? “Living within our means” can mean many things, but letting go of […]

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A Minimalist’s Playbook: Keep Only What Brings You Joy!

Thought for today: This blog is about achieving abundance – time, money and love.  Minimalism is one way to get there. Want to find more time to enjoy things?  Want to find more money for more independence?  Find more love for a more joyful life?  Here is a great place to start: Remove joyless clutter from your home and workplace.  It clears […]

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An End To Time-Clutter

Thought for today: Sometimes to recover from compulsive debting it helps to develop our Visions for the future. A Vision board helps us map out where we want to head in the future, to make our Action Plan a reality.  We cut pictures out of magazines, and make collages with the things we want to get, do […]

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6 Signs of Time Debting, And Tools For Timefulness

Thought for today: Time-debting is when you don’t spend time in sync with our goals.  It’s as if our goals and our ideals are at odds.  We say we want one thing, but are moving toward the other instead. Some symptoms of time-debting: Procrastination.  Putting off doing simple tasks like opening the mail.  Spending more time […]

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4 Great Tips To Stop Time Debting

Kanban board

Thought for today: Our philosophy here on this blog is that there is plenty of time, money and love in the universe, that it is up to us to use the abundance we have been given. Two things will endlessly eat up time, money and love: Spending time on things that aren’t important, and spending time […]

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