Why Slow Growth Is Good


Thought for today: If we ever saw our entire life’s transformation all at once – fast forward like a time-lapse movie of a flower blossoming – we would be overwhelmed.  Time serves a purpose.  We need time to learn to trust change.  Time is our friend, and slow growth is sustainable growth. We can learn to trust the process of […]

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“Am I Minding My Own Business?”

Work Life Balance

Thought for today: If we watch the news, we will see things that bring us down.  If we watch commercials on TV, we may start to feel deprived of the “goodies” they offer – for a price. Our time is our own.  There is no moral code requiring us to watch news or commercials 24×7. […]

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A Simple Technique to Stop Time-Debting

Thought for today: We talk about “time-wasting” like it’s a bad thing, but it’s not.  Sometimes, wasting time helps us break through a barrier. A member shares: “I am a workaholic.  I work all the time to pay bills and creditors.  Even when I am not on the job, I need to be productive.  I […]

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Taking Time To Process Life Using the Traditions of DA


Thought for today: Life is often chaotic.  We can suddenly discover that the people around us have changed and seem distant. The trajectory of life isn’t neat.  Sometimes it’s not time for the thing we want to happen.  Chaos happens instead.  Sometimes we need to change plans and manage the chaos around us. If we are willing to let go of who […]

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Time Investments That Bring Us More Time Tomorrow

Thought for today: There’s a simple way to help us find plenty of time in our lives.  It isn’t prioritizing the level of importance or urgency of our To Do lists, although those things are important.  It’s determining whether what we want to do will bring us more time tomorrow. Interruptions happen at the least opportune time – […]

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When Is A Second Job Worth It?

Thought for today: There are times when we need to take on extra work to increase our income and make a workable Spending Plan.  After some time in recovery from compulsive debting, and after getting a prudent reserve, we can consider letting go of the extra work.  When the time is right,we can let go of the extra […]

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How to Maximize Your Life’s Bandwidth.

Consider the brilliance of the human mind as revealed in our ability to interpret the unexpected world around us and create something totally new.  We’ve evolved as a species to combine present circumstances with what we have learned to elect a potentially brand new future.  If the channel is clear enough to process all the information we are receiving, […]

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Happy New Year! How to Avoid Time Traps In the Year Ahead…

“I don’t have enough time!” How often in our disease do we tell ourselves this kind of self-limiting phrases?  Since we are starting a new year, why not take a minute to check the time? The Four Quadrants of Our Time*: On a blank page, we draw a cross, and estimate the time we spend. […]

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