Maybe the Answer Is “No”

The path

Thought for today: It’s been said that “the truth is in the numbers”, because numbers have a way of being definitive; who can argue with “2 + 2 = 4”? But what should we do if our spending plan numbers don’t add up?  What if our paycheck isn’t covering the basics?  What if the cash in our […]

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“Taking My Higher Power With Me On Vacation”

"I experienced timelessness on this vacation. Now that I am back, I feel more clear and energized than ever."

Thought for today: It’s better to “unplug” from work during our vacations, so we can rejuvenate.  But letting go of work and daily worries is hard for some of us, and we seek to fill the void with something else. What helps us not need to fill the void is to include a Higher Power in our plans.  Our Higher Power is any power greater than […]

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Life Unplugged

"I am allowed to have down time to just be."

Thought for today: When we take time off for a change of pace, we can learn about ourselves.  When we refuse to give in to panic about “not being productive,” we can give in to exploration and fun renewal. It’s not that we can never plan for the future or meditate on the past.  It’s that […]

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A “Higher Powered” Vacation

Thought for today: Many employers encourage their workers to “unplug” from work during their vacations, to rejuvenate.  Even though we give coworkers clear instructions and emergency numbers to call us, underearners can find it difficult to let go of work, unless we fill the void with something. When taking a vacation, why not fill some free time with a “Higher […]

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Vacationing and Prosperity

Thought for today: As underearners, some of us find it hard to take vacations.  The time off seems like a waste.  It costs too much money and time.  It feels extravagant. Some of us preferred vacations separated from family.  Guilt, rooted in a childhood where time off was never enjoyed, sets today’s agenda. Circumstances leave us exhausted and unable […]

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“I Own My Happiness When I’m On Vacation”

Thought for today: Debtors tend to either be anorexic with spending, or over-indulging, or both.  These extremes can leave them unsteady and miserable.  Their chances are better if they envision their goals, and develop a clear Spending Plan and Action Plan. A member shares: “After years of rejection, I sometimes feel stuck in negative or depressed thinking,” […]

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Creative Vacationing Ideas

Thought for today: This post is about getting away, but it’s not about particular destinations.  (There are plenty of articles about those things.)  It’s about deciding to get away, and not spending a fortune to get there. Vacations, for those of us addicted to overwork and/or underearning, can get overlooked or avoided.  But this can change. The spectrum of distorted thinking runs from “anorexic” (never […]

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