Why We Track Our Numbers – To The Penny!

"I feel so inadequate when I'm tracking my numbers, because I was never any good at math!"

Thought for today: If we are not tracking our numbers to the penny –  income, expenses, and savings –  it will be hard to get what other members have received from DA.  So we’ll need to first get honest with ourselves. Using Step 4, we can search for greater clarity about why we fight doing our […]

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Shedding The Attitudes That Hold Us Back Using Step 6

Affirmations reach upward

Thought for today: Taking a personal inventory isn’t for sissies.  The defects of character we uncover can bring feelings of shame, remorse, fear.  That’s why we took the Fifth Step with another human being who had been through the Steps and who knew what we were trying to carry out. Sharing our inventory with another person in the […]

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Step 8, and the Willingness to Make Amends

Healing starts when we begin believing there is something to hope for.

Thought for today: When we talk about harms done as compulsive debtors, we should probably put ourselves at the top of the list of those affected.  Years of compulsive debting can leave us feeling ashamed, scared, and frustrated.  The debts we incurred may take time to sort out. Our creditors suffered, too.  They expected to be paid on […]

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