Working Like It’s “Me, Incorporated”


Thought for today: Those of us who experience chronic underearning feel stuck in our jobs.  It seems like everyone knows how to get ahead in their jobs and get promotions but us, that we missed the one day in school when they told the class about the secret of fulfilling and rewarding employment. Isolation also goes along with underearning. […]

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Expectations: Resentments In Training Wheels

Our common welfare depends on DA unity

Thought for today: When we expect others to behave a certain way, it sets us up for anger.  They have free will, and they resent being manipulated. Expectations and resentment lead us down a rabbit hole that brings us to debt and despair.  We need to constantly be on guard for attempts to control others. DA Step 4: […]

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Freedom From the Pressure of Debt

We express gratitude when we appreciate the beauty around us.

Thought for today: When debt accumulates, it is a growing distraction.  All areas of life suffer – home, sleep, and especially work. Our daily work requires focus.  We must commit ourselves to it.  But unsecured debt has a way of requiring our undivided attention… DA Question 2: Does the pressure of your debts distract you from your […]

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Why Underearners Struggle Getting Career Advancements

Thought for today: Compulsive underearners chronically underperform on the job.  No matter how hard you feel you are working, you wind up more depressed as tome goes on, and make less money than you need to survive and thrive. Putting aside under earning, we have to admit that there are real pressures going on in the world of work.  The […]

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What is Work?

Thought for today: Today our jobs need more of us to gather, process and act on information than ever before.  Mundane work is quickly being replaced by intellectually demanding work.   We get paid to think more. Our minds build hierarchies of understanding that machines can’t build yet.  That’s what makes our thinking valuable in our jobs. But computers are catching up.  One day not […]

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Help for Underearners

Thought for today: Underearning is often a symptom of compulsive debting.  Compulsive underearners find themselves never making ends meet and they can’t figure out why.  They suffer depression, deprivation, envy and low self-esteem. Underearners need a way to increase income, but one never seems to develop.  Even with the prospect of a new career, they […]

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How To Get Un-stuck In Your Job

CPADJN Work Life Balance Signpost Shows Career And Leisure Harmony

Thought for today: People are under no moral or legal obligation to be miserable at their jobs. Yet some of us  tend to feel that way – trapped and unappreciated.  When this mindset takes hold, we begin to exaggerate our problems and reduce our options.  It’s at these times that we need to break free and get […]

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April 2, “Why Do I Overreact to Criticism During My Performance Review?”

Thought for today: A member shares: “The other day I got my annual review at work.  I was angry going into it because I knew the drill.  They always start with positive feedback, but then throw in negatives. In my cynicism I think they do it so they don’t have to promote me. “During the review, […]

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March 31, If You Work Your Field, You Will Get Results

Thought for today: A member shares: “After I had a Pressure Relief Meeting, I felt better. I was able to think clearer about money. ” I built up a cash reserve first.  After a while I started allocating money to debt repayment.   I repaid proportionally to each creditor based on the percent of total […]

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Why Working Like It’s “You, Incorporated!” Makes Sense

A member shares about recovery from chronic under earning: “In my early recovery I read all I could about attitude adjustment. One author, famous as a motivational speaker for business people, had an audio book about work. “‘He would say’When you go to work, and want to progress in your career, think of yourself as […]

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