Taking Our Lives Back

Thought for today:

Why do compulsive debtors put the needs of creditors first?   Fear, real or imagined.

Sign #11 of compulsive debting (DA):

“An unwillingness to care for and value yourself: Living in self-imposed deprivation; denying your basic needs in order to pay your creditors.”

A member shares:

“Somehow I had gotten the message that I was no good and that I didn’t deserve good things.  I become isolated, neglected, sick and full of shame.

“I never knew that I could  say no to creditors.  I was too afraid of their threats to my credit score, and of the court judgements that actually came in.

“But when I started to track my spending and income meticulously as DA suggests, I had a record that I could bring to the creditor, or to the judge, and have a good outcome.”

Turning things around:

It’s clear that no one benefits from this situation – not the debtor, and not even the creditor. Our earning level declines, which in turn makes it harder to pay the debt.

We need to accept our basic human needs of food, shelter, health care, entertainment, vacations.  We need realize that  a spiritual connection to others and to a Higher Power helps.  We need to track our spending so we can explain where our money went.

Creditors just want to know where they stand.  They usually (eventually) respond to reasonableness with reasonableness.  That’s not to say they will be happy with this arrangement all the time, or that they will not try and persuade you otherwise.  It is reasonable to take care of your needs first, before your creditors.

We have to take care of ourselves.  It is lunacy to think we can go on living on next to no money, paying our creditors first.  And it certainly isn’t spiritual.

Am I taking care of myself today?

Meditation for today:

The ancient Aesthetic philosophers thought denial of all earthly possessions was the way to enlightenment.  While living very simply can help you find peace, you also need to engage with people.  In simple fashion, creatively enjoy life.  Be happy.

Affirmation for today:

“Focusing on simplicity is leading me to abundance and happiness.”

“I find peace and tranquility.”

Follow Through:

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