The Benefits of Acceptance

Thought for today:

So much depends on acceptance.  We compulsive debtors need to accept we have a disease that has us in its control.  Only then can wisdom begin to enter our lives.

A newfound understanding of ourselves will soon follow.  It becomes obvious that we need not incur unsecured debt, no matter what.

Debting is a tough habit to break, but scores of us have done just that, and have useful, productive lives, unencumbered by the worry of new debt.  We use the Twelve Steps and Twelve Tools of DA to grow in clarity about ourselves.  We begin to experience intuition, insight, common sense, and good judgment about our money, our homes, and our relationships.

As we follow the fellowship, all this is ours.   But to start, we need to admit that we are different from others in this one way:  We are powerless over debt, and our lives have become unmanageable.  This is the First Step to a new life.

Why would I ever turn away from this program?

Meditation for today:

Wisdom has existed since the beginning of time.  We can tap into it at any time, whenever we simply ask for it.

Affirmations for today:

“I am learning the truth about myself, and I am humbled by it.”

“I am finding the wisdom to know the difference between my problem and the problems of others.”

“I am finding the flow of wisdom and mercy, and I go with it.”

Follow Through:

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