March 24, The Only Requirement: A Desire to Stop Incurring Unsecured Debt

Thought for today:

Craving easy money, we try to live a “big shot” lifestyle – all the while financing that illusion with massive debt.  The “keeping up with the Jones'” obsession had bit us, and it was fed by the delusion that it was our “birthright” to have everything everybody else had.

We never considered that some of those Joneses may also have been debting in order to keep their illusion alive too!

Eventually the shear size of the debt we had racked up took our breath away, and it was then that we found DA as our “last resort”.

Tradition Three: “The only requirement for D.A. membership is a desire to stop incurring unsecured debt.”

It was then that our DA group suggested that unsecured debt was a real problem, and that all we needed do to become a member was to have a desire to stop acquiring unsecured debt. This didn’t mean that if we slipped and debted again we would no longer be members. It just meant that DA would always be there for us, no matter what, as long as we were willing.

Do I desire to be solvent today, and to not incur unsecured debt?

Meditation for today:

Having “enough” means that our basic needs for food and shelter and clothing taken care of.  It means our basic needs for love, peace, and fellowship are taken care of.

If you have enough, appreciate that blessed fact.  If you lack enough, start asking for help. Other members have been through whatever you are going through.  You will both be working the program as you participate in giving and receiving help, and mercy.

Affirmation today:

Today I will look at my life to determine if I have enough.  If I have enough, I will be grateful and share from my abundance.  If I don’t have enough, I will ask for help, trusting that DA will guide me, and that I am worthy of help.

Prayer for today:

I pray for the humility to accept when I have enough, and to ask for enough where I do not have it.

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