April 2, “Why Do I Overreact to Criticism During My Performance Review?”

Thought for today:

A member shares:

“The other day I got my annual review at work.  I was angry going into it because I knew the drill.  They always start with positive feedback, but then throw in negatives. In my cynicism I think they do it so they don’t have to promote me.

“During the review, I felt my boss was throwing me under the bus – that I couldn’t trust him to convey the work I do to management. I blew up at the first criticism, and started hyperventilating.  Then she talked about wanting me to take over a new position, but I felt slighted that it wasn’t the one I wanted.

“I told my boss that I needed to take a break from the meeting, that I wasn’t feeling well.  The truth is that I had to walk it off around the building a dozen times.

“That night I shared my review with my sponsor.  She must have conspired with my boss, because she pointed out the good points of the review.

“Looking back on the day, I realized I had lost my judgement.  I had overreacted, and I had to apologize.  

“It took years to build that trust back with my boss.  Now I drop my expectations going into a review or any meeting, and I just listen to what my employer has to say.  I bring my own notes to talk about as well.  

“I can always follow up at a later time if I have any thoughts after sitting with the news.  But it’s much harder to take back words once you’ve said them.”

Have you ever overreacted to criticism?  Hurt pride tells you, “How dare this person question me?  Don’t they know what I’ve been through?”

In times like these we need  to “Live and let live”, and “Easy Does It”.  Not everyone will agree with us, nor do they have to, but we can still have a quality day.

Do I realize that people have opinions that are perfectly valid given their circumstances?

Meditation for today:

The more time spent actively freeing the mind of worry and focusing on what can be changed, the better off the spirit and the life will be.  As we turn our will and our lives over to God, God sets the stage for our growth.

Affirmation for today:

I will let today’s energies and influences work their way without my obsessive control. Instead, I will let God create today without requiring my absolute control.

Prayer for today:

I pray for acceptance of God’s will in my life.

Reading for managers:

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