February 25, “Why should I be responsible for my own recovery?” Why Business Meetings Matter (Tool Ten)

Thought for today:

One of the signposts of being a compulsive debtor is the longing to have someone else take care of us “in case things get really bad”.  In other words, we find ways to reinforce the idea that we “can’t handle it ourselves” – “it” being the business of life.

At some point in our past we may have had opinions about business matters that were quickly squelched by peers, or even by family:  It was as if they were talking past us, implying or saying outright “Who cares with this person thinks?  Didn’t they squander their money?”

Tool 10. Business Meetings:
“We attend business meetings that are held monthly. Many of us have long harbored feelings that “business” was not a part of our lives but for others more qualified. Yet participation in running our own program teaches us how our organization operates, and also helps us to become responsible for our own recovery.”

As we take part in the free exchange of ideas at our group’s business meetings, and communicate about the group’s finances, the collective group conscience matures, we begin to attract new members, and we grow along spiritual lines.

It is an amend to ourselves to take part in our group’s business matters. Doing so, we develop a “whole new attitude and outlook on life” – one that involves us being responsible for the future of DA and, by extension, our own recovery.

Am I willing to help extend the hand of DA wherever it is needed most?

Meditation for today:

We have nothing to fear when it comes to our group conscience.  Your Higher Power is in the midst of all members, navigating a master plan of recovery.  As we reason out the agenda items with each other, eternal truths emerge.  Evidence of the Higher Power’s influence is found in the healing that takes place when we are open to the spirit’s gentle steering committee.

Affirmation for today:

I am a member of a team of spiritual travelers. As I share my insights, and volunteer for group commitments, I find I am a valuable member.

Prayer for today:

I pray that my group attracts newcomers, and that it advocates for giving and getting PRGs.  I pray that my group extends the help of DA wherever it is needed. I pray that I may see how my past can help others.

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