6 Signs of Time Debting, And Tools For Timefulness

Thought for today:

Time-debting is when you don’t spend time in sync with our goals.  It’s as if our goals and our ideals are at odds.  We say we want one thing, but are moving toward the other instead.

Some symptoms of time-debting:

  1. Procrastination.  Putting off doing simple tasks like opening the mail.  Spending more time worrying about doing these things than it would take to actually do them.
  2. Not knowing appointments and due dates.  This causes missed meetings at work and appointments outside of work; late fees such as library fines, utility overdue notices, credit card penalties, etc.
  3. Speeding dangerously to get somewhere, when you could have left a few minutes earlier.
  4. Over-committing.   Too many subscriptions (magazines or emails) to ever possibly read them all.  Volunteering to do too many activities to
  5. Under-estimating time.  Routinely starting things that will take longer than the time you have available.  An inability to think about how long a task will take before you actually try to do it, and then panicking about it.
  6. Routine tardiness.  It just doesn’t feel right to be on time.  You feel more alive if you arrive just in the nick of time, out of breath.

A person shared about time-debting:

“I never had enough time to take care of myself.  I’m always trying to make more money, or care taking  others.

“I eventually realized that I spent too much time worrying about what could go wrong, or regretting things that did go wrong.  I wasn’t really in the present moment.

“Later I studied mediation and learned that my difficulty was a lack of focus.  As I learned to practice mindfulness and focus, I was able to see my time in true perspective.

“Time is finite, but there are infinite ways to spend it.  If I am truly present, then time is working for me, and I have plenty of it.

“I need to let go of the future with its fears, and the past with its regrets.  Today I use my  Inventory, Pressure Meetings, and make Amends to clean up the past, and I use my Spending Plan and my Action Plan to help me plan the future.

“I have to put in the footwork.  Once I do, I can better focus on today, this moment.”


AM I dealing with the past and the future, so I can live in the present?

Meditation for today:

Science tells us that a person standing next to a pyramid experiences time more slowly than a person a mile away from that pyramid.  The gravity of the pyramid physically slows time.

There are forces in our lives, too, that slow us down by their gravity.  Burdens of despair, memories of abuse, resentment over injustices left unaddressed.   We don’t want to think about them, yet sometimes we can’t escape them.

There is a way to heal, so that today can be well-lived.  It isn’t easy, but it’s been done before.  And those who have done it aren’t so different from us.

When our lives are weighed down and all else fails, the “healing circuit of love” can give our lives purpose and fulfillment again.

Affirmation for today:

“I will spend a quiet half hour by myself today.  I will use that time to put my life into perspective.”*

Follow Through:

* From “Just for today”, Alanon Family Groups.

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