Being In The “Healing Circuit of Love”

Thought for today:

As we get better with our money in the fellowship, we get two precious commodities: solvency and serenity.  Peace of mind starts to come when we are free from incurring unsecured debt.

After a while, we get to a point that we can  give back,  helping the newcomer.  Doing this completes the “healing circuit of love”*.

A member shares:

“I’m obliged to be there for the compulsive debtor who still suffers.  That includes everyone, whether they have time in the fellowship or not.

“When a friend calls because they need an emergency PRG meeting because of a health or family crisis, I need to make every effort to be there.  They were there for me in the beginning.

“Some times you have to take, and some times you have to give.  The program does exist with fellowship.  And I need the program in order to stay solvent.”

Meditation for today:

The healing circuit of life is when one person helps another and receive blessings from giving help.  This circuit has continued from the beginning.

Affirmation for today:

“As I give to the world, so the world will give to me.”**

*Follow Through:

Five powerful articles from Bill W., (co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous) sharing his thoughts on faith, fear, honesty, humility, and love. This edition also includes “Why Alcoholics Anonymous Is Anonymous,”.

** “Just For Today”, Alanon Family Groups.

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