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Thought for today

If we go through the Twelve Steps, we will most likely find a spiritual awakening beyond our wildest dreams.  We will know “a new happiness and a new freedom”.

This is not to say it will be easy to take the Steps.  Consider this one, which seems to ask an impossible lot of us:

Step 6:

“Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of Character.”

A personal share:

“I realize today that sometimes I am the problem. I need to be willing to grow along spiritual lines, which is the purpose of the Twelve Steps.

“As I surrender  my pride and trust the inventory processing in Steps Four through Nine, I get better.  Just because I don’t see this transformation happening doesn’t mean it isn’t . I’m usually the last to notice a change in myself.”

Letting freedom happen

Some call Step Six “the desert”, and for good reason. The need to take this Step can be blurred by pride and fear.

We may wonder, “What will happen to me if my Higher Power takes away all my favorite defects of character?  If I surrender everything about me – the good and the bad – what will be left of me?

We need to remember that if we take this Step, only the defects that stand in the way of our usefulness to our Higher Power usually get removed.  Others will likely remain.

We also need not struggle with the idea of living perfectly according to our Higher Power’s will.  We need to simply get out of our own way, and stop blocking our own light.  Keeping it simple, we can try to move along a different and sometimes uncomfortable path, and see what comes of it.

We can always turn around and go back to our old ways if we really want to.  But we usually don’t want to.


“What am I still holding on to? Am I blocking my light?

Meditation for today

The roads we travel have many turns and distractions.  If we know where we are going, we usually have no problem getting there.   But if it’s a new place, we need directions and discipline.  We need determination.  We need to be mindful if the time, and of our primary purpose.

Single-mindedness, and acceptance of the requirements, is what we need for anything of value.

Affirmation for today

“With each choice  I make to let go of what’s holding me back, I will get better .”

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