6 Ways to Find the Hidden Gems in Your Life

Thought for today:

The goal of PlentyTML.com is to create an attitude of abundance.   As underearners, we do this with the DA program of recovery, and by letting go of old attitudes that don’t bring us joy.

To gain some measure of happiness, we take the Twelve Steps, use the Twelve Tools, and follow the Twelve Traditions.- the  Three Legacies of Recovery, Unity and Service.   These help us learn to let go of the clutter that hides the best part of our existence from us.

A member shares:

“I was upset all the time – especially worrying about providing for my family (I am an under earner).  I obsessed about my debts and about keeping my job.

“At home I never appreciated any of my possessions.  No matter what I owned, it never gave me joy.  I bought new possessions for the momentary enjoyment, but it was fleeting.  My home became so cluttered with “stuff” I could hardly move one thing without others falling down.

“In my Pressure Meetings, it came out that I was a clutterer and underearner.  My Action Plan was two-fold: to remove the clutter, and to polish the gems that remained.”

Ways to discover the gems in your life:

  1. Cut your “to do lists” to the “Rule of 5”.  Limit the list for today to a total of five tasks.  This makes it simpler to focus on what is really important.
  2. Take out the garbage.  Literally, get rid of physical things that are beyond repair.  Donate clothes that don’t fit you.  Give things away from your abundance – if you have ten of something, give nine away.  When we do this we appreciate the clothes, books, and other items that are left.
  3. Delete old files on your computer.  Keep an “Active Projects” folder for any documents you need to work on, a “How To” folder for lessons learned and notes, and an “Archive” folder  for historical files if you need to keep them (such as electronically filed Income Taxes), and as for the rest –  delete old files and emails that you don’t need.  When we do this, we can find current work and refer to old work much more easily.
  4. Empty your Inbox.  Discard unnecessary items.  Many email services like Outlook, Yahoo! and Google let you create rules to store emails in folders.  Using them helps keep your inbox empty.  When we do this we are less likely to overlook the really important emails that were hidden by clutter.
  5. Discard bad habits (to develop good habits), such as over indulging in food, drink, drugs, sex, gambling, overspending, beating yourself up, anything that interferes with your serenity.  When we can do this we find peace and understanding.
  6. Let go of character defects.   The main ones are Pride, Anger, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony.   Fear spurs them on.  When we cut away at these defects, we discover the virtues of love, mercy, kindness, inspiration and more.

Meditation for today:

When we get stuck on anything (and we will) we can always apply the Twelve Steps, Tools and Traditions to find the hidden gems.  The benefits include more focus,  greater prosperity, a smaller energy footprint, and a greener existence.

Affirmations for today:

“I have what I need.”

“I can discard what is no longer of use to me.”

“I live debt-free.”

This book helps you focus on discarding items that no longer bring joy, so you can keep the ones that do:

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

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