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Welcome to or for short).  This site is all about daily reflections grounded in Debtors Anonymous and related themes.  We give compulsive debtors a thought for the day, affirmations, meditations to aid in their recovery.  To see more about us, make sure to check the About PlentyTML page.

How do I know if I am a compulsive debtor?  Well that’s a fair question.  The easiest way to tell is to check the Fifteen Questions to Ask Yourself about Compulsive Debting on the D.A. website.

There are Twelve Signs of Compulsive Debting common to many in D.A.  We’ve written about many of them and you can see a summary of each of these posts here.

Click this link to see our blogs about the Twelve Signs of Compulsive Debting.

If you decide you are a compulsive debtor (and only you can make that decision) your next step is to contact D.A.

To Contact Debtors Anonymous directly:

To view D.A. Approved Literature, find D.A. meetings in your area, or learn more about the fellowship of Debtors Anonymous, go to this link:

How Recovery Works: The Steps

Like other Twelve Step programs, D.A. uses the Twelve Steps to help members find recovery.  In D.A., recovery is called “Solvency”, and in the D.A. sense, Solvency means not incurring unsecured debt one day at a time.  (Unsecured debt is any form of debt not backed up by some form of collateral, such as a house, a car, or another asset.)  The Steps are normally done with the help of a sponsor – another member of D.A. who has experience getting solvent in D.A.

Click this link to see our blogs about the Twelve Steps of D.A.

How Recovery Works: The Tools

There are also Twelve Tools in D.A. which we use, one day at a time, to get and maintain solvency.

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If you are a compulsive debtor, there is hope of a better day.  Experience shows that there are many rewards of gaining and maintaining solvency.  In fact, D.A. has compiled a list of them here: The Twelve Promises of D.A.

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