A “Higher Powered” Vacation

Thought for today:

Many employers encourage their workers to “unplug” from work during their vacations, to rejuvenate.  Even though we give coworkers clear instructions and emergency numbers to call us, underearners can find it difficult to let go of work, unless we fill the void with something.

When taking a vacation, why not fill some free time with a “Higher Power’s” perspective?  Doing so can make time at the beach, underwater, on a mountaintop, or in a site seeing tour more vibrant and inspirational!

A member shares:

“When I go on vacations I always include time for mediations and affirmations.  I can do this anywhere – during a walk along a shore in the morning, or a moonlit walk at night.  In these times, I try to envision my best hopes and dreams for my family and for the world.  I affirm my goals.

“Meditations and affirmations can also be done while sitting quietly and comfortably.  Focusing on slow, deep breathing for a while gets me in the right space.  Then I relax my breathing and try to focus on awareness of how my body feels.

“I also dabble in yoga and tai chi to help strengthen my awareness of the present moment and improve fitness.  Mind-body awareness brings insights I know I wouldn’t have otherwise.

“When I include my HP, the rest of my vacation seems to go smoother.  I feel I have more to offer myself and others.  When it’s all over, I feel like a new person!”

“Relaxed attentiveness”

Instead of opening email while on vacation, we can remember that coworkers would call us if there was an urgent need.  Knowing this frees us to have new experiences and live “in the moment”.

Such a sense of adventure helps our spirit.  Setting aside responsibilities and opening up to new possibilities, new awareness surfaces.

Relaxing into our vacation and paying attention to the little joys can bring new meaning to life.  This break from daily routine helps rebuild confidence too.

Inspired by our Higher Power, we can bring this “relaxed attentiveness” back with us when we return home and to work.

Do I include my Higher Power in my vacations? 

Meditation for today:

The word “enthusiasm” can mean “being filled with the spirit”.  “Theology” means seeking to understand spirituality.  “Spirit” is another word for the Higher Power of our understanding.  “Our understanding” is how we relate to and connect with a subject.  In this context, enthusiasm can bring us closer to our highest selves.

Affirmation for today:

“I am having a spiritual renewal.  I have let go of negative expectations and embraced the time I have.”

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