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Performing in the City

Thought for today:

A lot of performers, writers and artists find themselves in debt, and come to DA for help.  One reason is that these creative artists aren’t usually taught money management when training.  Actors don’t usually get a course in finance, and artisans don’t often learn about investments.

A member shares:

“I studied opera performance in college.  Years of dedication went toward developing my vocal technique and acting craft.  I was a good singer, but didn’t  have a clue about the business side of things, or personal money management.

“I used to treat money like it wasn’t important.  Only boring people thought about money.  If I made a good salary, I spent it.  If I was ‘between engagements’, I debted.

“I came to DA with a huge amount of debt from student loans and credit cards that I was using to pay for travel to singing engagements.  The jobs I was getting were high prestige but low paying.  In those days I didn’t know how to ask for what I was worth.

“I didn’t believe them when they told me I didn’t have to debt, one day at a time. Didn’t I need a credit card to buy air fare to concerts? Didn’t I need charge deductible sheet music or costumes to claim them on taxes?  The answer came back, no, I could use a debit card.

“They taught me the value of tracking expenses to the penny, and paying cash.  They taught me about using envelopes to store cash earmarked for certain purchases.  For example, I saved vacation money in an envelope, so that for the first time in years I was able to go away and relax.

“I love that I am an artist, and I also love that I can manage my money. I have learned to respect money, and it’s made me a better, more confident performer.”


Have I learned to respect the value of tracking my money?

Meditation for today:

Actors, writers, and artists are all teachers teaching the truth of the moment.  As we allow creativity to flow in our lives, we grow.

Affirmation for today:

“My creativity is not an obstacle to my recovery in DA.  It helps me find the truth in doing my  numbers.”

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