Being Our Own Financial Safety Nets

Thought for today:

Some people grow up believing they can’t manage money like “normal people”.  They believe that someone else has to take control, and they become financially dependent on that person or entity.  They feel they need to be managed like a naughty child.  Their self-esteem is low.

Signpost #12 of compulsive debting (DA):

“A feeling or hope that someone will take care of you if necessary, so that you won’t really get into serious financial trouble, that there will always be someone you can turn to.”

Responsible for our own recovery:

With the help of the Twelve Step and Twelve Tools, we find strength that we never knew we had.  We learn to depend on the program of recovery from compulsive debting, and not on being bailed out by a parent, a debt consolidation company, a government agency.

Today we can look in the mirror and see a capable person who is able to make money decisions.  By doing the program of recovery, we learn to believe in ourselves.


Am I willing to use the Tools that are there for me?

Meditation for today:

Imagination is where discovery begins.  Imagine the Higher Power as a spiritual connection between souls, translating what is in the heart.  Imagine this is a space of perfect communication and perfect abundance, where every need is met, and every wound healed.  This connection creates new strength for those who can imagine it.

Affirmation for today:

“My needs are continually being met because I have learned to love myself and others.”

Follow through:

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