Believe In the Possibility of Solvency

Thought for today:

The lifestyle of escalating debt leads to a downward-spiral in a person’s self-esteem.  Panic becomes a way of life.  Creditors’ calls plagued us at every turn.  We couldn’t breath, it was so constricting.  It was insane to live this way.   But what was the alternative?

A member shares:

“I really didn’t have much choice when I got to DA. I couldn’t talk with anyone else about my debts.  I didn’t trust the debt consolidation company that was trying to get me to sign.  I couldn’t talk with family about my debts (this was mostly due to my sense of shame).

“They gave me a little pad to write my expenses and income in.  It was all I could do at that time, to track the numbers.  Tracking them helped me begin to believe that I could get solvent.

“I had heard some horror stories about bankruptcy courts, lawsuits, and six figure debts, and those people were working the program.  I started to think ‘maybe DA can do this for me too.’  Other people had gotten solvent, so why not me?

“This Higher Power stuff was a problem for me.  DA suggested that I keep an open mind.  I started taking long walks where I would think about the life force in nature, and eventually I culled together a Higher Power that worked for me.”

When all else fails…

Believing in a Power greater than ourselves is usually a last resort. We gradually looked at HP as a life raft that we can grab on to for safety.  Our survival depends on it.  But some of us were atheists or agnostic.  What then?

We found that an open mind worked best to start.  Gradually, our understanding of a Higher Power became clearer.  The non-believers of us who were willing to have  an open mind found that their answers were slowly revealed.

There was something inside us and in the meetings that improved our lives when we listened and learned, and kept our records.  Call it Wisdom.  Call it evolution.  Call it the “Spirit of Love”. Whatever it was, it was power enough to take Step Two.

DA Step Two:

“Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

DA Tool Two:

Record Maintenance

“We maintain records of our daily income and expenses, of our savings, and of the retirement of any portions of our outstanding debts.”


Do I believe there is something that can help me stay sane where money is concerned?

Meditation for today:

Everyone has the still, quiet voice of reason inside of them, if they are willing to listen for it.  Trust that the answers will come as you consider the many facets of love, and your understanding of your Higher Power will get clearer.

Affirmation for today:

“As I consider the many facets of love today, my understanding of my Higher Power will get clearer.”

A Currency of Hope: The basic text of Debtors Anonymous.

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