From Underearning to Abundance With the “Three A’s”

Thought for today:

Underearning is one of Debtors anonymous’ Twelve Signs of Compulsive Debting.  It doesn’t matter which came first – the under earning or the compulsive debting – the point is that the feed off of each other in a downward spiral of debt.  The way out begins is through awareness, acceptance, and action:  The Three A’s.

A member shares their story:

“I used to think scarcity and deprivation were inevitable.  I never earned enough to pay for the basics in life.

“Even though I had a degree and a career, I pan-handled to make ends meet.  I ate only from food pantries and shopped only at thrift stores.

“My small apartment leaked when it rained and would never get fixed.  I was always behind in my rent.

“In my DA pressure relief meetings I became aware that I needed to earn more and spend more.  Now I am exploring possible self-employment options.

“With the help of the fellowship, and trusting in my Higher Power, I have faith (acceptance) that I can make a change for the better.  I realize that I need to keep the focus on myself and on my actions, and not dwell on self-pity or blame others, no matter how justified those feelings are.

“I am taking small steps (actions) each day to move from scarcity and toward the abundance I know is in store for me.”

Do I have enough faith to start the journey? 

Meditation for today:

We all need to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally, yet some of us get stuck in an attitude of despair that sucks the life out of us.  We need to be open to the possibility that abundance is available.  This process of improving our awareness can begin with meditation.

Daily meditation connects us to the world in new ways by releasing distractions.  New awareness comes by letting go of yesterday and tomorrow, and the distractions of today, and focusing on this moment.

On a foggy day, the form of a person appears faintly in the distance.  As you walk toward them, they become clearer.  In the same way, your answers about how to achieve your goals will begin to emerge after your daily meditations.

Affirmation for today:

“I have the power to create abundance.”

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