How Solvency Creates Opportunities

Thought for today:

To be solvent in DA means to no longer incur unsecured debt, one day at a time. As DA says, “Unsecured debt is any debt not backed up by some form of collateral, such as a house or other asset.”  For many, doing away with credit cards is an emotional and transformational  experience.

A member shares:

“When I stopped using credit cards I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to afford living expenses without them.  Plus I had creditors hounding me for payments, so my stress level was very high.

“But the simple act of cutting up my credit cards at my first PRG was the beginning of my abundance.  I sent moratorium letters, and finally had a little cash to put aside as a prudent reserve.

“I paid cash or money orders for everything, and it felt freeing to use spending in categories that made sense to me.  Over time, my Spending Plan became routine, and my anxiety level has only diminished.”

Some benefits likely to happen after you become solvent:  

  • Over time you don’t fear creditors as much as you once did.
  • You’re not afraid to open the mail or answer the telephone, worrying who’s on the other end claiming you owe them money.
  • You start to develop a prudent cash reserve, and a savings plan.
  • You begin to think about plans for later on – a week, month year from now.  You start to develop your vision for your future.
  • You discover you can talk freely about money when you need to, especially with others in the fellowship.
  • You can calmly explore opportunities to improve your home, your work, your quality of life.

Do I pretty appreciate the opportunities solvency offers me today?

Meditation for today:

Look hopefully to this day, for it is where all possibilities exist. Try to focus on this very moment, being emotionally and mentally present, without distractions.  Powerful actions arise when we are clear about where we stand right now.

Affirmation for today:

“I am focused and emotionally present in this moment.”

“I calmly use this moment to improve myself.”

“I do not try to do everything at once.”

“I have the power to stay in this moment, to make inspired choices in it.”

Earn what you deserve:

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