Life Unplugged

"I am allowed to have down time to just be."

Thought for today:

When we take time off for a change of pace, we can learn about ourselves.  When we refuse to give in to panic about “not being productive,” we can give in to exploration and fun renewal.

It’s not that we can never plan for the future or meditate on the past.  It’s that there is a time for letting go of these things.  We can put down the computer, we can set aside email.  We can have conversations with each other.

Members share:

“I planned for my vacation in my Spending Plan.  It took months of putting aside money but I was able to take a simple vacation at a beach.”

“I enjoy nature today.  Peaceful moments are all around me if I stop and ponder them.  When I allow myself to live one moment at a time, I’m free to find infinity in each moment.  I see myself as a peaceful subject of nature.”

“On my vacation I was able to talk about whatever came into my mind, without worrying about what was coming next.  I allowed myself to ‘go with the flow’ for the first time in months.  It was delightful.”


Am I able to spend some time living in and appreciating this moment?

Meditation for today:

When we allow nature to unfold before us, we connect to our sense of self as never before.

Affirmation for today:

“I allow myself to have down time to just be.”

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