Opportunities for Growth

Thought for today:

When a person is ready to get help with compulsive debting, it helps if they get a Sponsor.  A Sponsor is a member of the DA fellowship who helps them take the Twelve Steps and Twelve Tools.  Sometimes their message hits us right away, and other times it takes years to appreciate that they do for us.

A member shares about their relationship with their Sponsor:

“My sponsor used to listen to my rants all the time – a litany of problems with people, places and things.  ‘Think of it as an opportunity for growth,’ he’d say, laughing.  I secretly felt he liked seeing me squirm.

“When my sponsor passed away recently I thought back to the way he would always help me put things in perspective. His ‘attitude of gratitude’ sustained him through tough times – a divorce, serious illness, and estrangement from family who wouldn’t understand him.

“Always with humor, he enjoyed life in spite of its challenges. He embraced the Twelve Steps and always spent time with newcomers.

“Today I try to emulate his sense of awe, and trust the process of growing along spiritual lines.  I think the Higher Power has this lighthearted wish for us not take ourselves so seriously.

“Things don’t always go our way, but there is always something life offers that is amazing.  As my sponsor would always say ‘just when I thought I had all the answers, they change the questions!’

“That’s life, if you have an ‘attitude of gratitude’.”


Do I try to appreciate the Higher Power’s sense of humor?

Meditation for today:

In meditations, seek out the emotional corners that need processing.  Envision help and support from the Higher Power.  Enjoy not knowing all the answers.

Embrace the times you ponder.  The truth comes when we relax and are attentive to the goodness around us.

Affirmation for today:

“I  take life as it comes, confident in my abilities.”I have everything I need to stand up for myself.”I am open to possibilities for goodness.”

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