Simplicity and Minimalism as Spiritual Tools

Thought for today:

“Simplify, simplify!”  Thoreau said.  Living simply is liberating and profitable, if you release belongings on your terms, and you value what is left.

A member shares:

“I used to collect clutter.  Paper copies of every utility bill I had ever gotten filled several cartons.  Books I never even liked, and would never read, piled up in my closet.

“I had clothing from every size and shape I had been over decades (and I fluctuated a lot).  My memorabilia was on every imaginable media from audio tape to video tape to 8mm film to CD to DVD.  I kept every piece of artwork my kids ever made.

“As part of my recovery from debting, I developed the courage to face my clutter.  I took it seriously when DA said, ‘We will live within our means, yet our means will not define us’.

“After preparing myself spiritually and emotionally, and book-ending with other members who had found the courage to downsize, I finally declared myself free one day.  I decided on going through in a marathon all of my storage and closets, collecting every type of thing I owned in separate piles.

“Seeing the mountains of stuff was humbling.  For example, I had twenty black t-shirts!  It became easy to decide what to toss, give away or sell.  But the important thing was to get rid of it, because doing so released energy that had been locked away.

“Today, I appreciate the things I own.  I can find stuff.  I don’t have to pay for a storage unit.  And I feel free.”

Letting go of stuff:

There are many examples of letting go of the material and gaining spiritual.  One member sold a home they no longer needed and rented an apartment instead.  They were soon to be under water on a mortgage if they kept living in the house.  They’ve lived in the apartment for years now, and enjoy the lifestyle change, within walking distance of everything they need to live.

A garage sale may yield much-needed cash and help de-clutter.  Donating or throwing out what is of no value to you is also helpful.  Clearing an attic’s contents, keeping a few important pieces of art or memorabilia is rewarding and can create a sense of discovery.

Releasing belongings can profit you not only financially but spiritually. It can get you more time.  It let’s you focus on and enjoy the belongings you have left.


Do I apply the slogan, “Keep It Simple” when it comes to my belongings?

Meditation for today:

Your Higher Power wants your time.  Visit HP regularly, and after each visit, rest and relax.  You’ll get closer to your life’s purpose when you allow space to exist between revelations.  These spaces let HP minister to your soul’s unspoken need.

Affirmation for today:

“To be certain how to handle any situation, I will seek my Higher Power’s simple inspiration.”

“I will inventory my possessions.  I will inventory my attitudes.  I will discard what is no longer working for me, in favor of what is.”

A book that inspires you to de-clutter:

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