Singleness of Purpose and Tradition 10

Thought for today:

The fellowship of DA avoids distractions from its primary purpose of helping the suffering debtor get and stay solvent.  Our common welfare comes first because our very solvency depends on working together.

For example, we avoid political arguments and religious practices because they could divide us and our common welfare comes first.  Financial contributions are not accepted from outside of fellowship members so that the fellowship is not beholden to anyone except members.

Tradition 10

“Debtors Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the D.A. name ought never be drawn into public controversy.”

A member shares:

“When I first came to DA, I didn’t know what to expect.  They could have been a debt consolidation agency for all I knew.

“But I soon found that the fellowship was entirely focused on the new comer’s well-being.  They shared with me that is how it works.

“DA is not a financial agency.  It doesn’t recommend stocks or retirement plans.  It doesn’t recommend bankruptcy, or bankruptcy lawyers, or investments, or business ventures.

“DA is a fellowship of people who try to stay solvent one day at a time, using the Twelve Steps and the Twelve Tools of DA, and that is a big enough job in its own right.

“I’m glad DA doesn’t concern itself with outside issues.  Anything else would have confused me in the beginning.  DA’s simple message was all I could focus on in the beginning.”


Do I keep my outside opinions separate from my DA work?

Meditation for today:

A candle can bring dim light to a room, but a focused light in a laser can cut.  In the same way, we help each other best when we focus and avoid diffusing our light.  Concentration on a worthy goal can bring about great results.

Affirmation for today:

“I focus on results that matter. I choose my words wisely. I make decisions that are in my best interest, and the best interest of DA.”

“Even if it feels like no one is noticing, I know my Higher Power is paying attention.”

A Currency of Hope

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