The Art of Vision-Creation is Being Careful What You Wish For

Thought for today:

A great power in our lives is our intention. Actors study a characters intention in each scene. They decide on the purpose of each moment from scene to scene.

When done well, the performance is honest and compelling.  When not cultivated well, the results are uneven.  The same principle applies to Visions.

A member shares:

“My vision was to buy a computer for my mother for her birthday.  I claimed as my vision: “A new computer for Mom”.

“I envisioned it, bought and delivered it, but later learned that Mom couldn’t figure out the operating system.  It didn’t matter what I got her if it wasn’t being used.

“A better vision statement would be something like “mom is enjoying using her computer,  That is the result I was really hoping for.”

Visions clarified:

Our visions are our intentions for the future, inspired from our Higher Power, as compelling as the actor’s performance.  They require as much thought, reflection and research.

When we work our program and trust the process, Vision-creation is a joy.  We learn that imagination and intention are the true origin of all things.

Our Higher Power inspires our best intentions, and creates momentum to make things happen.  All we have to do is be in harmony with what is best for us.

 Do I know the direction I want to head? 

Meditation for today:

Surrendering our will to a Higher Power doesn’t mean giving up our will, but aligning it with the goodness we find, seeking  best outcomes.

To cultivate Visions, find safe space, and soothing moments.  Let your fancy inspire the best version of your Vision.

Leave space and time for your Visions to breath.  Continue to imagine.  Be  ready for changes and new requirements.  Change is necessary for a vision to completely materialize.

Affirmations for today:

“I can create what I can imagine.”

“I receive blessings every day.”

“I have everything I need to have a joy-filled life.”

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