Time Investments That Bring Us More Time Tomorrow

Thought for today:

There’s a simple way to help us find plenty of time in our lives.  It isn’t prioritizing the level of importance or urgency of our To Do lists, although those things are important.  It’s determining whether what we want to do will bring us more time tomorrow.

Interruptions happen at the least opportune time – such as during a vacations.  We need to test whether the thing is going to make our future better, or just be another diversion of little significance.

A member shares:

“I was on vacation when my office called to tell me that our website wasn’t working on all browsers.  It was showing latin verbiage on some.  I panicked.

“I had arranged a walk along the beach, and the sun had just come out.  The day was almost over, and my spouse and I were already walking on the trail.

“I decided to let the website wait.  I picked a time later that evening when I could address the change.  I didn’t miss out on my vacation plans.

“I know today the difference between being tempted to procrastinate out of not feeling like doing something vs. out of waiting for the right time.  The virtue of patience is a good thing when used correctly to put off the insignificant to get the important things done.

“Selective procrastination helped me save my vacation.  It was the best way for me to put ‘First Things First’.”

Time filtering = “time multiplying”*:

We can filter all tasks out of today’s list by asking: Can the thing be eliminated?  Delegated?  Automated?  We do the thing if it has to get done.  If it can wait until later, we can purposefully procrastinate.

Willing to say no to some tasks, we can base our “To Do” list on what brings us more time in the future.


Am I putting “First Things First”?

Meditation for today:

We will know that our to do list is perfect when we can’t cut anything more.  We can give ourselves permission to spend time on things that will bring us more time tomorrow.

Affirmation for today:

“I will cut the unnecessary today.  Of what’s left, I will delegate what I can.  Then I will automate what I can, allowing myself the emotional permission to spend time today to save time tomorrow.”

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