Why Worrying Too Much About the Competition Is Counterproductive (BDA Tool 9)

Thought for today:

Market forces can breed competition.  Fair competition is healthy.  It usually means that the prize we seek is worthwhile, that others appreciate the same goal, and that we are on the right track.  Without competition, innovation would stagnate.

A business owner once shared at a meeting:

“I worried all the time about the competition.  What if I missed out on some new opportunity?  Customers don’t grow on trees, and I can’t afford to lose them!

“I found the worry was exhausting, and counterproductive.  If I focused instead on bringing the best quality for goods or services that I could, I needed to have faith that I would receive the business I needed.

“In DA, I learned to trust that as I put into the world, so the world would return to me.”

BDA Tool 9

“We notice the competition, but don’t worry about it. We learn from our competitors and trust that it is an abundant universe with more than enough for everyone.”

Niche opportunities:

Business is not always a zero-sum game, with winners vanquishing losers.  Sure, specific contracts get awarded to specific companies, and market share is sometimes dominated by one particular company for a time, but there is always a niche opportunity if we look for it, and we can build upon our successes and learn from our failures only if we are willing to pursue that opportunity.


Am I still worried about the competition?  Have I been minding my business?

Meditation for today:

Our ability to focus on the task at hand is key to our success.  Consider the waves that lap a shoreline, bringing shell-fish along the way.  While two gulls squawk at each other over a muscle shell, a third comes along and snatches it up.  Focus won that bird the prize.

Affirmation for today:

“I will focus on my task at hand, and innovate my way into prosperity, knowing that my prosperity is only limited by my lack of patience.”

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