Working Together

Thought for today:

Fear kept many of us from getting help with money problems.  It was depressing to run out of money all the time, and be berated about it.  Victimized by debt consolidation scams, nasty creditors, and condemning family members, we grew to not trust anyone anymore – least of all ourselves!

We thought we were the only ones going through it, but we were mistaken.  When desperation brought us to a meeting, we found that there were many others walking the same barren straits to their first meetings.

In time, we all connected as a group, for we needed each other’s help as ones who had been though a common trial.

A member shares:

“I was totally dependent on other people when I came to DA, terrified of facing my debt. I just wanted someone to take it all away.

“That dependency led me to listen to every credit card scam, call every debt consolidation company, and beg every family member for money.  But the momentary high of debt relief was short-lived, and soon the old glum-ness returned.  I always wound up alone and confused.

“Desperate, I made my first DA meeting.  After a few weeks, I got stronger, developed good financial and emotional habits, and became somewhat independent.   We developed a Spending Plan, and I ‘lived within my means’.

“My newfound freedom brought with it more choices and more opportunity.  It was then that I started to see the wisdom of meeting with others, helping and being helped.  Interdependence allowed us to work together as a group.  I had started out in DA a taker, but I had become a giver.”


Do I appreciate working with my fellowship today?

Meditation for today:

Science tells us that there are connections everywhere in the universe.  We are all connected.   Taken to logical conclusion, we can leverage our connected-ness and work together to make the impossible possible.

Affirmation for today:

“I find joy in helping another person discover the principles of eliminating unsecured debt.

“I can share my experience, strength and hope at meetings, in a spirit of friendship and love.”

A Currency of Hope is the basic text of Debtors Anonymous:

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