A Minimalist’s Playbook: Keep Only What Brings You Joy!

Thought for today:

This blog is about achieving abundance – time, money and love.  Minimalism is one way to get there.

Want to find more time to enjoy things?  Want to find more money for more independence?  Find more love for a more joyful life?  Here is a great place to start: Remove joyless clutter from your home and workplace.  It clears the way for all of these prosperities to form.

A member shares:

“I used to routinely waste time searching for things I owned.  Books, clothing, paperwork – they were all strewn all over the apartment – or in a storage unit we owned.

“I also spent crazy amounts of money on “stuff” each month.  I couldn’t get a hold on why my Spending Plan was so unpredictable.

“This was all impacting my serenity and happiness.  I felt depressed that I was a failure.

“I couldn’t produce important papers when I needed to.  Closets were all stuffed with so much stuff, I had no idea what I owned any more.

“I shared this with my Pressure Relief Group and they suggested I develop an Action Plan to de-clutter.  This would free up the brain cells I spent worrying and searching.  It could also improve my finances by selling or getting charitable deductions on my income tax.  It could also improve my self-esteem by adding dignity into the mix of my life (for once).

“I was sold on the idea.  As part of my DA Action Plan, I went through a massive discarding marathon.

“After reading a great book on The Japanese Art of Tidying, I decided to de-clutter one group at a time, and not try to tidy everything in one area a little each day.  I went through clothing first, then went on to books, then papers, then miscellaneous office and home supplies, then finally mementos.  It was easier to work through the categories that way, because I was starting with the easiest thing to decide – what clothing to keep.

“The idea was to keep only the things that spoke to my heart.  If it didn’t bring me joy, I discarded it – either by donating to charity (getting a receipt for it), or by putting it in the garbage.

“I needed to physically touch each thing I owned before deciding whether to keep it or not.  No joy?  No keep!

“After I finished, it was easy to find a place for each thing I owned to live. This process made it possible for me to save huge amounts of time and money, and I feel better about myself today.

“The important thing was to get rid of what doesn’t bring me joy, because doing so released energy that had been locked away.

“Today, I appreciate the things I own.  I can find stuff.  I don’t have to pay for a storage unit.  And I feel free.”

Who do you want to become?

It is most important to envision what your ideal lifestyle looks like.  What lifestyle do you want?  What does your ideal home look like?

Where is your joy centered?  Do you want a spot to meditate?  A place to read?  I place to enjoy reading or music?  A clear table to eat from?

Once you have identified these things, and can “see” what your home would look like, you can release belongings that have fulfilled their purpose, and keep what brings you joy.  Then, your spiritual life improves to a point where you can find yourself.

If you follow this process, you will have more time for the things you enjoy.  You will enjoy the belongings you have left.  Your brain cells will start to include fun times with the people closest to you, and you will appreciate your home and office much more.


Am I “Keeping It Simple” when it comes to focusing on my lifestyle vision?

Meditation for today:

The purpose of the physical world is to sustain your spiritual journey.  Nothing else matters more than becoming a more perfect version of yourself spiritually.

Allow space between things in your life.  In this space your Higher Power will minister to your soul’s unspoken needs.

Affirmation for today:

“To be certain what to keep that brings me joy, I will seek my Higher Power’s simple inspiration.”

“I will inventory my possessions and attitudes.  I will discard what no longer serves me, and keep what does.”

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