An Important Life Lesson – From Golf!

A golf swing is a lot like life.

Thought for today:

As we work our DA recovery, we are bound to discover new awareness and feelings about our lives.  We try to process these feelings to grow along spiritual lines.

When we are tense, it’s hard to process feelings.  Daily challenges become harder.  When we relax, feelings become easier to deal with.

A member shares:

“Golf works better when I’m relaxed.  If I have a good stance, and lighten on my swing, my follow through is better, and the ball goes far.

“Same with my DA recovery.  If I’m tense, my attitude becomes one of lack, my muscles weaken, and I have no prosperity.  Unprocessed stress overwhelms.  But if I allow myself to relax, I have a greater chance at naturally allowing prosperity into my life.”

Processing feelings:

When we spend ourselves releasing feelings of grief and  joy, sorrow and success, fear of life or of death, what is left is freedom.   When we acknowledge and reconcile feelings we are free to prosper.


Am I allowing myself to relax into my recovery?

Meditation for today:

“Wear the world as a loose garment.”  Breath full breaths.  Allow occasional daydreams.  Always grow in love and peace.

Affirmation for today:

“Today I will relax, and follow through with life.  I will not run from memories or hide from truths, but let go.”

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