Analyzing Our Numbers Over Time

Thought for today:

At the end of our Pressure Relief Meeting we will want to schedule our next one, usually one month into the future.   In between, we will continue the daily practice if tracking our numbers, gathering useful perspective along the way to help measure our progress.

A member shares:

Doing my numbers has become a daily habit.  I automatically log my spending as it happens, and to check where I am at with my spending plan.

“If I am close to my limit for one of my spending categories, it’s easier to make adjustments right away than to wait and find out later that I am ‘over plan’ on something.”

“What do I with the results?”

A good “trend analysis” practice is to compare our monthly target dollar amount planned for each spending Category against our Actual Spending – or against our Three Month Average Spending – for that same Category, and then adjusting our target amount from that high-level perspective.  After all, this is an opportunity to get over any fears of math or anxiety with money – as one member often says, “the truth is in the numbers”.

We grow in integrity as we honor our commitment to take action with short-term goals such as keeping our daily numbers, book-ending and negotiating creditors; medium term goals like moving toward financial independence or growing a business, and long-term goals of retirement, growing a new business venture or other large project.


Have I developed healthy goals for myself – short and long-term goals?

Meditation for today:

When we develop the habit of rigorous self-honesty, and we clearly review our habits, we often identify areas ripe for a change – “opportunities for growth”.

Growing takes on meaning when the change is gradual, persistent, with a good goal in mind.  Like a petal opening in time-lapsed photography, or a sunrise illuminating our surroundings, our growth can become a thing of beauty,  and it will increase our self-esteem.

Affirmation for today:

“My journey of spiritual growth is reaping me financial and emotional rewards.  As a result, my vision of the future is brighter than ever.”

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