Audacious Goals


Thought for today:

Sometimes we need to claim our own future with specific goals. Then if we share our visions with trusted friends as if they have already happened, we set the bar high for ourselves.  When we have truly committed ourselves, we often find that we will do everything in our power to make our goals.  This is a healthy use of our will power.

 A member shares:

“At first my DA goal was to have peace and quiet.  Panic was a habit I need to break to improve my mental and physical health.  I got that by letting go of my worry and letting the fellowship basically clean out the mental cobwebs that had hijacked my once rational brain and held it hostage.

“Later, I started to hope for solvency and clarity with money.  I got that when I began tracking and analyzing my numbers, sharing them at regular PRG meetings, and by studying about investments, business bookkeeping, etc.

“I joined BDA, and found how to bring a spiritual vision to business.  Today I envision improving my business.  I envision helping more people through product.

“For example, I target 20% sales growth this year and doing one extra thing every day to meet that goal – whether it be preparing a marketing plan or making contact with a prospective client.

Making the most of our visions

When we let go of the expectation to make more money, and instead focus on a product or service that is of value to people or businesses, we will eventually find new ways to capitalize on our efforts.  We may want to give away our product for a time, as a service, to build our email contact list of qualified leads.

Today more than ever, executing on a vision is more about good design preparation.  A new vision for our future is within reach when we plan for it.


Do I have an audacious goal to work on?

Meditation for today:

All growth is the result of thought.  Matter is reducible to mathematical formulas, which are forms of thought.  Our actions formalize our thoughts.

Even in a world of suffering, we can build beauty and healing.  It takes time because we must evolve our thinking to a point where we can go ahead trusting in a solid plan.

Affirmation for today:

“I will keep a record of every penny I earn or spend, knowing that clarity leads to freedom.”*

*From “Just for This Day“,  DA literature P-129.

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