How Not To Debt

Thought for today:

Let’s continue our study of how the Steps and Tools of Debtors Anonymous can work together to improve a debtor’s life.

It is said that if a truly compulsive debtor doesn’t take a personal inventory of their character defects, they will eventually debt again.  And for debtors, this is a disastrous proposition.

Worry about debt makes a person feel isolated from others.  Debtors Anonymous offers Personal Inventories and  Pressure Relief Meetings to help break the isolation.  With help, we learn to take care of their own needs first, and they learn not to debt, one day at a time.

A member shares:

“The worst thing about my debt was the isolation. I was so ashamed about my debt that I couldn’t express about how unworthy I felt.  I had no money for basic necessities.  The debting mindset was holding me hostage every waking minute.  The only relief I ever got was the next opportunity to debt, and the oblivion that would follow.

“Nobody understands like another debtor.  We speak the same language. The program is full of people like me.

“I took my Fourth Step Inventory and shared it with my sponsor, who helped me understand that I was not unique, and that I was not as bad a person as I thought.  I took my spending and income numbers to my Pressure Relief Group and they showed me where I could put my needs first.

“I hadn’t had a haircut in months, or new shoes in years, and they encouraged me to get these things before paying any more creditors, saying that I would feel better about myself if I took care of my basic needs.

“Nobody had ever talked like that to me before.  Although it terrified me not to pay my credit cards, I’m glad I put my needs first.  It was the beginning of sanity returning to my life.”

DA Step Four:

Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.

DA Tool Four: Pressure Relief Groups and Pressure Relief Meetings

After we have gained some familiarity with the D.A. program, we organize Pressure Relief Groups consisting of ourselves and two other recovering debtors who have not incurred unsecured debt for at least 90 days and who usually have more experience in the program. The group meets in a series of Pressure Relief Meetings to review our financial situation. These meetings typically result in the formulation of a spending plan and an action plan.


Am I will ing to look at myself in a personal inventory?  Do I have regular Pressure Relief Meetings?  

Meditation for today:

Miracles of healing happen when people get together in fellowship and in truth.  When people share their growth experiences, they are helping each other to improve.

Nothing is wasted in these gatherings.  Problems are cut in half, and prosperity is doubled, wherever such fellowship occurs.

Affirmation for today:

“I will take First Things First, and do one thing I have been avoiding to do but that needs to get done.  I will then share this part of my story with another debtor today, and listen to their story.”

A Currency of Hope: The basic text of Debtors Anonymous.

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